Spend your vacation being creative, meeting other interesting people, and building skills.

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    Have you always wanted to make a film? Well, here’s your chance. In this one-week, online intensive, connect with other creative teens as you gain filmmaking skills. As part of a small team, you will work together virtually to build ideas, share...
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    Tuesday-Friday, 12PM-4PM
  • Digital Photography
    How can a photographer still make works of art in 2021?
    What tools do we have available to us in order to tell new and engaging stories?
    In times of uncertainty, how can we stay inspired to keep creating? If you are looking for the...
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    “ Anotha one.” - DJ Khaled It’s the remix. Maybe you’ve heard of it, Kaytranada , Pitbull, DJ Khaled ? I thought so. Join us for this exploration into the DJ’s favorite track (“bah bah bahhhh ,” Reeemi ii x !) and have an opportunity to mix your own...
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