ICA Teens and Staff are a creative bunch. We make art of all kinds on our own and together, at the ICA and beyond. Explore the work we do!


Our Portfolios are a place for teens and staff to share the films, photos, drawings, poems and more that they create. Find a friend’s work, get inspired by someone else's, or figure out what program you want to join

Artist Interviews:

Artist Interviews are videos where members of our Teen Arts Council ask artists pressing questions, and fun ones too. The artists all have work in the galleries or on the stage at the ICA. The interviews are planned by the TAC and produced by Fast Forward (our film program) participants and alumni.

Blog Posts:

Stay up to date with the Blog, the latest musings of ICA Teens and Staff. Learn about what we do and exciting opportunities in the future.


Wait, there's more!

In addition to the content on this website, we also have an archive of projects and videos on our YouTube page. Follow us on Instagram too!