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What is +1?   

A free ICA membership program for youth 0-18  

As members, kids and teens 18 and under who are +1 members can visit the ICA for free anytime and also invite a guest (their +1) for free! Youth 0-12 can join as a +1 Youth member. Teens 13-18 can join as a +1 Teen member.    

What are the Benefits?   

Upon joining, new members will receive a digital membership card and a special welcome gift on their first visit.    

Advance access to tickets during member presales   

+1 members will receive tailored e-communications with information about free Teen Arts courses, Teen Nights, Play Dates, and other opportunities for education and engagement.    

+1 membership grows with you. Participants will retain their membership status until they turn 19.   

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Visit us on the Boston waterfront for exciting art exhibitions and experiences, including:   

The Worlds We Make: Selections from the ICA Collection

Special benefit for +1 Members: Reserve your tickets in advance online to view Yayoi Kusama:LOVE IS CALLING. The largest and most kaleidoscopic of Yayoi Kusama’s celebrated Infinity Mirror Rooms, LOVE IS CALLING is open as part of the exhibition The Worlds We Make: Selections from the ICA Collection. You can plan your visit to the ICA to see this monumental work now!