Teen Arts Council

Teen Arts Council (TAC) is a group of paid teens from the Boston area that amplifies teen voices and contemporary art by creating events and resources for other teens. TAC's work focuses on addressing social issues, as well as connecting teens with contemporary art, the ICA, and each other. The group values art as a form of expression as well as a tool for activism.

TAC organizes events throughout the year to connect with teens. This includes teen nights--events filled with artmaking, performances, and fun--as well as The Current which focuses on socio-political issues that affect teens in Boston. The group also interacts with exhibiting artists and creates resources about art and artists for other teens.

Applications are open for the Summer 2024 and School Year 2024-2025 programs.

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Questions? Email us at teens@icaboston.org or call or text us at (339) 236-3039