Yu-gi-oh plays an important role in my life. Since 2005 when I saw Yu-Gi-Oh and  I fell in loved with it. From when Yami Yugi play Exodia The Forbidden one and won the game to where he plays against his other part of himself so he can rest again. I didn't start to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards until 2012 when I found out Yu-gi-oh was real and you can get cards anywhere. I bought Yu-gi-oh at a local pawn shop for one dollar. and from that day on I kept buying Yu-Gi-Oh until 2015 when I was a freshmen and I meet a kid where soon after He used me to take my most expensive cards but, without meeting this person I wouldn't have meet my friends that to this day we still play Yu-gi-oh. From 2015 to the present I have meet people that I call my broski, family and my teammate. We started to hang out every Thursdays at Cambridge at a local Card game shop called Pandemonium Books and Games. Where we Play Yu-gi-oh and From there we started a Youtube team call Team Time Riders and we Hang out every Thursday and Saturday at a new local card shop card Alpha and Omega Hobby Where we make Videos, Make to friends and bulid our card game community with people from different ages, ethnicity, and skills.

I play an archetypes Called Dark World. It a deck where you Summon One dragon over and over. Dark World was my first deck and to this day I still play it. My teammate as well give me a nickname when we first met. At first they called me "hey it dark world boy" or "oh here come Dark World boy"  cause they didn't know my name at the time but Once the got to know me they start to call me "Dark world". At first I was like cool but after a year or so I wanted My nickname to be unique. So, I started to call myself "Dahk Wohld'' since live in Boston and since people with A Bostonian accent Usually never pronounce their R like Hahvard or cah key. So I remove the r and put a H and now my name is Dahk Wohld with the Bostonian accent. My friend and I started a Yu-gi-oh Club Program in 2015 at the East Boston Branch Library where Kids from all ages can come to yugi club to learn , play, and meet new people with different skill and learn a thing or two when they build a deck or what the can do with the deck they have. I host a tournament every 3 months to see if they improve or need more practice. We start the club in May 19 and it been 3 years since I started the program with my friend We are currently the old Program at the library. Im Graceful that Yu-Gi-Oh allow me to do so much during my Life and I won't change it for anything.    


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