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    B uild skills and develop yourself as a beat-maker, film scorer, and digital musician. Cost Fee: Free for Boston Public School students \ $96 members \ $120 nonmembers Equipment provided.
    Upcoming Workshops
    Saturday and Sunday, 12:00–4:00 PM
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    Build your skills in beat-making, music production, and live performance. Learn from some of Boston's best musicians and producers. FREE Equipment provided.
    Upcoming Workshops
    Oct 14May 262021
    Wednesdays 4:00–6:30 PM
  • Alejandro
    Explore advanced digital photography, lighting, and editing techniques. Work with professional photographers. Go on studio visits and field trips around Boston. For teen photographers with a high level of experience. To gain experience, join us for...
    Upcoming Workshops
    Oct 24May 152021
    Saturdays, 12-2PM
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    For ICA Teen DJs with a high level of experience and those who have completed DJ 101. Contact malcott@icaboston.org for more information.
    Upcoming Workshops