Ready to take your Photography to the next level? In Special Focus, learn the techniques and tell a story with your art. We will focus on how to control light, the environment, and the mechanics of a camera in order to take the best pictures possible.  

The Special Focus cohort will use their photography to capture themes and narratives that they hold important, and we will collaborate to share perspectives and feedback. Students will curate their work to showcase and include in a personal portfolio.  

Need some experience first? Check out Camera Basics to get started.  

Already taken this workshop or something similar? Check out Advanced Photography.  

Materials Outline: 

As part of this workshop participants will be expected to provide some or all of their own materials and use third party systems and software. Equipment is limited and provision will be needs based. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns. 

  • Camera (cellphone, DSLR, etc) 

  • Zoom 

  • Mobile Phone 

  • Gmail/Drive Account