Anotha one.” 

- DJ Khaled

It’s the remix. Maybe you’ve heard of it, Kaytranada, Pitbull, DJ Khaled? I thought so. 

Join us for this exploration into the DJ’s favorite track (“bah bah bahhhh,” Reeemiiix!) and have an opportunity to mix your own flavor during this four-session workshop with some of Boston’s greatest artists.  

You can be brand new to music or a seasoned pro, because this workshop is for all levels. Walk away with an in-depth understanding of this crucial club element and be prepared to update your social with your latest masterpiece. 

Materials Outline:  

As part of this workshop participants will be expected to provide some or all of their own materials and use third party systems and software. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions or concerns.  

  • Cell Phone / Tablet / Computer / recording device   

  • Zoom and Internet connection  

  • Google Drive access  

  • Spire (iOs and Android 

  • Headphones preferable