As You Are: Beauty and the Human Form explores the unique and evolving expressions of beauty in the human form through art made by ICA teen artists. While the concept of the ideal human form is often warped by societal expectations, the artists presenting here seek to create their own definitions through their personal experiences

The artists used photography and sculpture to capture different instances of beauty in their lives. While each artist had a specific intention for their piece, the works are unified in finding beauty in the human form. Whether exploring beauty in human interactions or in the artistic forms we create, each piece demonstrates the multifaceted concept that is beauty and how it is anchored in humanity. While taking in the exhibition pieces, consider how and where beauty appears in your life and the ways you define it.

As You Are was organized by the ICA's Teen Exhibitions Program, a group of teens who work together to plan, organize, and install exhibitions in the ICA Teen Galleries. In this space, we imagine new ways of presenting work, and grow in our own creative practice by collaborating with one another and ICA staff. The artists included in this exhibition are members of other Teen Programs offered at the ICA, including Fast Forward, Photography Collective, and Teen Arts Council. Special thanks to all the collaborators who made this happen, including many staff at the ICA. See the bottom of this page for a full list of the artists and collaborators.

As You Are: Beauty and the Human Form will be on view in the Teen Galleries at the ICA's Seaport Studio through Dec 12, 2024.

Featured photograph by Alana C.

Text written by Angelica M. and Leandra B. 



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ICA Seaport Studio
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- Alana C., ICA Teen Artist 

- Alejandro V., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Ana R., ICA Teen Artist 

- Andrew Y., ICA Teen Artist

- Angela T., Principal Designer

- Angelica M., Teen Exhibitions Program Member

- Anja R., ICA Teen Artist

- Anthony T., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Aric C., Teen Programs Manager

- Ayden A., Teen Exhibitions Program Member

- Betsy G., Director of Teen Programs

- Coco R., Teen Exhibitions Program Teaching Artist

- Dani A., Production Manager 

- Edwin A., Facilities Assistant

- Hieu V., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Isabel L., ICA Teen Artist

- Joseph B., Teen Exhibitions Program Member

- Julie S., Production Manager

- Kai Vlahos, Art Installer

- Kayla V., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Kris W., Director of Creative Content and Digital Engagement

- Layla P., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Leandra B., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Leycaira M., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Liv B., Exhibitions Coordinator

- Luca P., ICA Teen Artist

- Luna L., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Nate C., Teen Creative Leadership Alumni Assistant

- Nathan A., Teen Exhibitions Program Member

- Nicky T., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

- Olivia N., ICA Teen Artist

- Ruth E., Barbara Lee Chief Curator and Director of Curatorial Affairs

- Sol Y., ICA Teen Artist

- Tessa H., Curatorial Assistant

- Tim O., Chief Preparator


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