Sides of Me: Exploring Connections is an exhibition of works created by participants from various ICA teen programs. ICA teen artists were invited to submit works related to the theme of connection and recent hardships. The works displayed explore connections between the self and individuals, but also pets, culture, traditions, heritage, and art itself. These connections also relate to the artists’ struggles with feeling ungrounded in light of recent events such as the pandemic and political unrest, and the effects they’ve had on mental health.

This exhibition was organized by the ICA’s Teen Exhibitions Program, a group of creative teens that work together to plan, organize, and install artwork in the ICA Teen Gallery.  Sides of Me: Exploring Connections  is on view in the Teen Gallery at the ICA's Seaport Studio through December 1, 2022.



ICA Seaport Studio
100 Pier 4 Blvd, Second Floor (Entrance on Seaport Blvd)
Boston, MA 02110


Red Line to South Station
Silver Line to Courthouse



Special thanks to the following folks who made this exhibition happen: 

Angela T., Principal Designer

Angelica M., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

AJ G., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Betsy G., Director of Teen Programs

Catherine M., ICA Teen Artist 

Edwin A., Facilities Assistant

Fei-Fei A., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Gina L., Communications and Outreach Manager at Urbano Project

JF D.,  ICA Teen Artist 

Julie S., Theater Production Manager Performing and Media Arts

Julieta L., ICA Teen Artist 

Kris W., Director of Creative Content and Digital Engagement

Laura C., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Leandra B., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Leena A., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Mariana A., ICA Teen Artist 

Miranda S., ICA Teen Artist 

McKenzie C., ICA Teen Artist 

Nohemi R., Teen Programs Manager

Olivia T., ICA Teen Artist 

Phaidon A., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Samantha P., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Savanna N., Registration Assistant

Rose E., Teen Exhibitions Program Member 

Ruth E., Mannion Family Curator Curatorial

Tim O., Chief Preparator

Toru N., Preparator

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